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Baseus Jarvis Wireless Charging Mount

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Guaranteed to revolutionise the way you clean.

Keeping your space clean doesn't have to be a fuss. Our powerful mini vacuum is equipped with a reusable HEPA filter, long-lasting battery and powerful performance.

A must-have for 2021.

Made from aviation alloy and powerful 5,000 pa suction. Two attachments for hard-to-reach and delicate surfaces, and 10-20 uses on a single charge. Our vacuum is making waves in the tech community.
The large 60ml dust bin makes up for 30% of the vacuum size. Dust and debris is compacted into the chamber which means minimal emptying. And when you're ready to empty, it's as easy as a simple twist to release. No bags, no wires, no fuss.

Perfect for:

  • PC / Gaming Setups
  • Offices / Workspaces
  • Vehicles
  • Wood / Textured Surfaces
  • Dusty Surfaces


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