Why Uber Drivers Love Nanovac

NANOBLOG / 20 september 2020

Most Uber drivers welcome a continuous stream of passengers into their vehicle each day, so it’s easy to see how mess can quickly accumulate in a short period. The Nanovac Capsule is designed specifically for enclosed environments like a vehicle. Its sleek and modern capsule body looks like an expensive drinking flask, and can even be stored in a cup holder, in the glove compartment or under a seat.

Clean as you go

Anyone who’s ever attempted to clean a vehicle with a full-size vacuum cleaner knows what a stressful chore it can be. One of the reasons the Nanovac Capsule has become so popular is that it’s a wireless handheld solution that’s ideal for those seeking to avoid lugging around heavy,bulky appliances. With the Nanovac Capsule, you don’t need to spend seemingly endless amounts of time switching between attachments and trying to work out which one is right for the job. Simply power up the device and start removing dust, dirt and debris from your car interior immediately. Then just plug it into charge while you work.

Modern design and dependable

The Nanovac Capsule weighs just 0.5kg and measures 23.2cm x6.5cm. This makes it wonderfully easy to handle and ensure it impresses with its compact, slim and modern design. This means you can use it whether you are at home or several miles away, removing dust and debris within seconds to keep your next passenger comfortable and happy and impressed by your professional cleanliness.


Small but mighty

The device’s lightweight design doesn’t mean making any compromises on power or efficiency. It plays host to an impressive powerful4000 pa with twin system for suction and air blow to lift stubborn dirt. The alloy motor and pure copper core boast a loaded speed of 28000 rpm and load spread of 33000 rpm. Just one charge will deliver eight uses, and you can swiftly and conveniently recharge it via USB Type-C.

Available in black white or green, the device is made from robust, impact-resistant aviation alloy for ultimate durability and comes complete with a low-maintenance stainless steel filter that offers triple filtration. Accessories include a long flat nozzle and a wide brush nozzle that removes the strain from accessing areas such as vents.


Stress-free cleaning

With the Nanovac Capsule, you don’t have to wait for mess to accumulate to a certain level before bringing out the big guns – you can simply have a quick tidy at the end of the day, in between journeys!