Where to use the Nanovac Capsule

NANOBLOG / 20 september 2020

A versatile, dependable option

Whether you have a large family or live alone, mess can quickly accumulate in your space when you are using it. The Nanovac Baseus Capsule is designed for use not only in homes and offices but in vehicles too, offering a powerful yet compact alternative to bulkier, heavier vacuum cleaners. It can be used to clean not only carpets and stairs but tabletops, desks, laptop keyboards, window sills, ceilings, walls and various other surfaces. It is particularly efficient at accessing hard-to-reach areas and weighs just 0.5kg.The cleaner’s slimline 23.2cm x 6.5cm measurements make transportation a breeze and it can easily be stored in cupboards, car boots and other small environments.

Simple, swift recharging

You can get seven cleans from the Capsule before you need to recharge it. Recharging is also a simple process, and you can add fresh power to the device via its USB Type-C plug socket. This means you can easily charge it on the move as long as you have a back-up power device. There’s no need to worry about it running out of battery when you are away from home. The recharging process is so quick you’ll be able to start using it again in no time at all. To make the most of the Nanovac Baseus Capsule, simply power it up whenever you spot dirt, dust, crumbs or anything else you need to clear from your space.

Make use of first-class features

Key features of the Nanovac Baseus Capsule include 4000 pa super suction, the alloy motor and pure copper core that offer a loaded speed of 28000 rpm and a no-load speed of 33000 rpm, and its durable aviation alloy which makes it incredibly resistant to impacts and shocks. Make accessing challenging areas much simpler by taking advantage of the wide brush and long flat nozzles. Consumers also love its triple filtration stainless steel filter.Once you have completed the cleaning process, simply store the cleaner away in a spot of your choosing. The product also comes complete with a cloth bag to support subtle, uncluttered storage.

Global success

The device has become particularly popular amongst parents and carers of small children, office workers, taxi drivers and people from all walks of life, all around the world. The features offered by the Baseus Capsule make dirt management a breeze, with the product constantly winning five-star reviews.