5 Tips For Keeping Your Workspace Tidy

NANOBLOG / 20 september 2020

Untidy workspaces can dramatically slow down our efficiency and productivity. By keeping your workspace tidy, you can reduce stress and become much more focussed on the task in hand. A cluttered workspace can make it much harder to take in and process information whilst negatively impacting your mood. Let’s take a look at five of the best and most important tips for keeping your workspace tidy right now.

Create a clear desk policy

Whether you work for an employer in an office or from home, a clear desk policy can help you concentrate and remain productive. Your employer may already have a clear desk policy, but you can impose one on yourself to improve your working environment. Self-discipline goes a long way when it comes to getting things done when you’re working remotely. Make sure your desk only plays host to objects that you actually need to carry out your work, give or take the odd family photo.

Avoid printing

We are moving ever closer to a paperless society. Our bills are sent to us via email, with all sorts of other correspondence now being delivered digitally. Try to avoid printing unless you absolutely need to so you can make a better contribution to the environment whilst cutting down on clutter. It’s also advisable to dispose of paper documents as soon as you no longer require them. If physical documents play a big role in your daily duties, consider using a tray system so you can keep everything tidy. Many paper documents contain sensitive personal information – if you leave these lying around, you could be breaking data protection laws.

Remember, cleanliness is as important as tidiness

Infection control has dominated the headlines recently. Wipe your desk down and sanitise it regularly to stop the spread of germs and avoid eating at it if you can. Another good reason for consuming food elsewhere is that it gives you a valuable break from your computer screen. This means you can recommence your duties feeling much more refreshed after your lunch break.

Conduct clear-outs

Mess can easily accumulate over a few days or weeks. By keeping on top of the waste located in and around your desk, you can create a much tidier workspace. Try to get rid of pens that don’t work, old scraps of paper, wrappers and anything else that’s cluttering up your space unnecessarily.

Use a handheld vacuum cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner can help you easily remove small items like crumbs and dust from your desk. It can also reach the places you may struggle to access when wiping your surfaces down. Nanovac Capsule Vacuum Cleaner is a small yet powerful device that allows you to keep on top of dust and debris.